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Sales Support Specialist

Position Summary

The Microcorp Sales Support Specialist works with Partners, Providers and Microcorp Partner Managers to provide pricing, and make recommendations on products and carriers when needed. The Sales Support Specialist team will track and manage pricing requests to ensure all established SLAs are met. This position will report directly to the Manager of Sales Support and is a is an essential part of the Sales Support Team and the success of MicroCorp.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Scrubbing Quotes that are assigned and making sure that all required information has been provided.
  • Recommending carriers or products if agents are not sure what is needed.
  • Working with Assigned Partner Managers on complicated opportunities where more detailed conversations with the partner are needed to identify the solution.
  • If there is missing information on a quote, the Sales Support Specialist will contact the agent to discuss what is needed to move forward.
  • Communicating with Partners via phone calls, emails and Nautilus
  • Tracking Quotes via Nautilus from receipt to proposal sent, pushing to get all quotes completed and back to the partner within 24-48 hours.
  • Processing quote request in carrier portals and sending price request to carrier quote teams for processing if portals are not available.
  • Managing Quote Dashboards to make sure quotes are being sent and noted.
  • Escalating within carriers when necessary to obtain pricing and meet Microcorp SLAs.
  • Once pricing is complete the pricing specialist should verify that the pricing proposal matches the original request.
  • Send pricing proposals to partners once pricing is complete and assigning quote to Partner support managers for follow up.

Secondary Job Functions:

  • Assist Agents with Nautilus
  • Assist Agents with Carrier Portals


  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Able to self-manage
  • 5+ years telecom experience
  • Be very detail oriented
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Very strong organizational skills
  • Strong problem solving skill
  • Very Strong Customer Support Skills
Direct resume and cover letter submissions should be sent to hr@microcorp.com



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