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Highlights From Channel Partners Conference & Expo – Las Vegas, 2017

MicroCorp Recognized for Largest Single Sale in 2016!

MicroCorp was recognized at the Level 3 Communications Awards Dinner at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo for achieving the largest single sale for 2016. This award was given along with recognition for 2016 MVP status. MicroCorp was also named an Elite MVP in 2015 and serves on the Level 3 Advisory Board.

ACC Million Dollar Club & Platinum Cup Partner

MicroCorp President, Phil Keenan, receiving the Platinum Cup award from ACC for the 11th consecutive year. MicroCorp was also recognized as a Million Dollar partner.

MicroCorp Partners Celebrate & Cocktail Party!

MicroCorp and provider sponsors hosted an evening cocktail party for MicroCorp partners at Aureole, Mandalay Bay!

Congratulations Frank Ferdowsian!

Winner of MicroCorp’s “So You Think You Know Cloud” campaign!

MicroCorp One on One Event Peaks with 30-Year Recognition

MicroCorp, a distributor of commercial data, voice, UC, SD-WAN and data center services, topped off its 13th annual One on One partner event with a celebration and recognition for 30 years as a leader in channel partner support. The two-day event was held in Atlanta, GA at two world class venues, the Porsche Experience Center and Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

“This year’s One on One event developed into a special experience for everyone as we celebrated our 30 year anniversary,”  commented Karin Fields, co-owner and CEO of MicroCorp. “MicroCorp and our partners have evolved with the industry and this event carried a tone of great friendship and family as MicroCorp, partners and our providers were all recognized for their great achievements.”

Founded in 1986 by Brad Miehl, MicroCorp began as a master agent for partners selling long distance services. Built on a philosophy of true partner support,  Miehl expanded the provider and service portfolio to meet the growing demands of our partners. Today MicroCorp supports complex bids through the aptlynamed People Powered Network – the most powerful combination of back office systems, people and support offerings in the industry. With keen attention to pre-sales efforts, MicroCorp support teams boast more than 500 years of experience and provides white glove service through the company’s TotalCare 365 services. Partners have access to  an engineer for architecting data center, cloud, SIP, SD-WAN and blended MPLS network solutions for domestic and international bids.  Lastly, MicroCorp partners utilize the company’s flagship tools within Nautilus – a collaborative platform that allows our partners and providers to communicate with the MicroCorp team on everything from quotes to orders and commissions.

Honoring MicroCorp for the 30-year milestone was The Alliance Partners, represented by the organization’s CEO, Bill Power. Quoting from an award plaque presented to MicroCorp, Powers shared, “MicroCorp has always been mindful of the interests of the channel and has worked tirelessly to advance best practices within the telecom/IT industry.” Power further acknowledged MicroCorp’s performance and lasting contributions to the channel and the community at large.

Jeremy Stack added to Team MicroCorp

MicroCorp Hires Veteran Commissions Expert to Lead Growing Commission & BI Team

Telecom Distributor Hires Jeremy Stack as its new Manager of Commissions.

MicroCorp, distributor of commercial data, voice, UC and data center services, announced today that it has named Jeremy Stack as its new Manager of Commissions to lead commissions and business intelligence for a portfolio of more than 1,500 selling partners.

As Manager of Commissions, Stack will lead the team of commission analyst and business intelligence employees. “The addition of Jeremy comes at a crucial time for MicroCorp. As our company’s complex bid volume has grown, so has the need for more sophistication in our reporting and processes, “ commented Dave Harvey, VP of Operations.  “His prior experience in the channel and with other providers is translating into great improvements in our processes.”

Stack comes to MicroCorp with more than nine years of agent commission processing and reporting experience. His commission experience flourished at PGi, collaboration and conferencing solutions provider, where he implemented the company’s first automated commissioning process – boasting near perfect accuracy. While in that role, Stack passed Sarbanes-Oxley testing at 100% four years in a row and was Chairman’s Club award winner for his efforts in transforming the company’s agent commission processing. Most recently, Stack was the Commission Manager for Agilysys and VP Retail Intelligence Performance for SunTrust.

Teaming- An Agent Survival Strategy

team-keenan2MicroCorp President, Phil Keenan, on the benefits of Agent Teaming

If you don’t know the term ‘autocatalytic’, it might be time to look it up.  Simply put for our industry, it means that the more technology is deployed, the faster technology solutions change.  Knowing what the term means is more than just a dinner party talking point to impress your fellow guests. You really need to know what impact it is going to have on your business.

The role of the channel (or in our world, Agents, VARs and MSPs) is changing.  As technology goes autocatalytic, customers are struggling to keep up technically and they then turn to the channel to help as their trusted advisor – and you in turn are struggling to keep up. This means it is harder and harder to be a trusted advisor.  This complex dynamic is further exacerbated by the fact that customers are looking for complete solutions that require specific domain expertise in multiple areas.  The time when you could do everything on your own is going away and it is going away fast.  So what do you do to protect your customer relationships and sustain your business over the coming years?

Well, option one is to hire your way to trusted advisor status. An admirable ambition but fraught with working capital, cash flow and borrowing requirement land mines.   Not to mention how hard it is to hire ‘good’ people.

Option Two is to embrace the plethora of training courses available from manufacturers, service providers or industry bodies and cross train your existing folks.  Well, training simply cannot build up years of expertise overnight and it is a bit like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.  As soon as you finish, you have to start again because technology has moved on at such a pace you are already dated.  In fact the rate of our autocatalytic industry is already so fast that you would have to start painting before you have even finished.  In the words of Monty Python’s Four Yorkshiremen sketch,  “when I was a lad I used get up for work four hours before I went to bed…”

So You Think You are so Smart

SySmartIn my mind neither of the above are viable options unless you are a multi-million dollar company with significant financial resources.  There has to be a better way.  And there is.   The answer is to participate in an ecosystem where you team to provide complete solutions.

“You think you are so smart” I hear the masses shout,  “This has been tried before and it doesn’t work!” In my mind the reason this hasn’t happened industry wide is because the ecosystem has lacked what it takes to build momentum and scale.  Unless an ecosystem has enormous compelling advantage then it doesn’t take off.  Apple Store and Play Store are great examples of where an ecosystem has enormous and obvious advantage and so the forces of laissez faire prevail, but if you don’t have this you have to support an ecosystem with real structure to solve the problems of getting it off the ground.

It’s all about the money

In our world what do channel partners worry about that get in the way of joining an ecosystem?  Well at the end of the day it is all about the money, because it is always all about the money.  But there is more to it than just that.  After 30 years (jeez!) of running worldwide channel organizations I have distilled the reasons down to the following:allaboutmoney

  • Money, Money, Money
    • How much do I get paid
    • Do I get paid enough to be worth my time
  • Protection
    • How do I ensure that I continued to get paid in the event of a business relationship dissolving
    • How do I protect my customer relationships if I bring in another party
    • How to I protect my employees and confidential information when teaming
  • Support
    • How are my customer’s solutions supported

Address these issues and the ecosystem has a real chance of growing simply because it is needed.  It is the only way this conundrum can be solved.

Enter Team Alliance Program

The Team Alliance program addresses these issues head on.  Prescribed commission splits, contracted rules of engagement coupled with non-solicitation and confidentiality provisions allow partners to team in confidence.

Underpinned with TotalCare365 support and a directory of experts to pull from, the program provides everything you need to provide complete solutions in confidence, protect your customer relationships and create new revenue streams into the future.