Level (3) Communications

Level (3) Communications FastStart Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Dates - January 1 through June 30, 2017
Qualifying Sales - Top Partner in New MRC of MPLS/EVPL/VPLS sales above a $11,000 minimum
Number of Trips - One
Terms & Conditions
  • MicroCorp FastStart General Eligibility & Rules apply.
  • Qualifying Products
    • Level 3® MPLS/IP VPN
    • Level 3® Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
    • Level 3® Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
  • Top partner with new monthly recurring charges above the $11,000 minimum.
  • Order(s) must be accepted by Level 3 through standard order processes within contest period.
  • Winners will be paid through regular payment process by MicroCorp.
  • Service term must be for 2 years or greater.
  • $11k MRC threshold can be comprised of multiple orders.
  • MRR from teamed deals do not qualify.
  • MicroCorp may modify, suspend, amend or terminate the Promotion at any time and without prior notice or consent by participants. MicroCorp specifically reserves the right to change the Promotion in a manner that may modify or eliminate the amount of monetary rewards that may otherwise be payable under this Promotion. No designee, may modify, suspend, amend, or terminate this Promotion. To be effective, any modification, suspension, or amendment of the Promotion must be authorized in writing by the Sales Operations lead or his/her designee.

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