Spectrum FastStart Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Dates - January 1 through June 30, 2017
Qualifying Sales - Top partner for new MRR sales above Minimum $10,000 minimum
Number of Trips - One
Terms & Conditions
  • MicroCorp FastStart General Eligibility & Rules apply.
  • Top partner in New MRR Sales above $10,000 minimum will be awarded.
  • Eligible sales include all product lines (Spectrum, TWCBC, BH)
  • New Services only (Awards will be based on new customer opportunities only. No contract renewals.)
  • If a customer does not install services within 6 months of the contract date, Spectrum reserves the right to implement an award readjustment.
  • Spectrum reserves the right to verify that all orders conform to the intent and guidelines of this program and awards are entirely at the discretion of Spectrum


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