Star2Star FastStart Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Dates - January 1 through June 30, 2017
Qualifying Sales - Top Partner in New MRR Sales Above $2,500 Minimum
Number of Trips - One
Terms & Conditions
  • MicroCorp FastStart General Eligibility & Rules apply.
  • Star2Star will sponsor the top producing partner in New MRR sales above a $2,500 minimum.
  • MRR is defined as the Monthly Recurring Revenue that Star2Star recognizes.
  • The MRR must be from net new customers booked during the contest period.
  • Add-on orders during the contest period from existing customers do not count toward the sales contest.
  • MRR excludes usage, overage, taxes, fees, Partner-added items, monthly hardware payments, and any third-party lease payments
  • Star2Star will track eligibility for the Promotion by Booking date.
  • The Promotion only applies to the commissionable MRR base.
  • Star2Star reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice as the company sees fit


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