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The Telecom Audit, Inventory & Expense Management Platform

Insite removes the pain associated with Telecom Asset Inventory and Expense Management by leveraging the power of software with the experience of seasoned telecommunication professionals. The end result is a robust and comprehensive platform designed to deliver outstanding asset inventory and expense management solutions specifically designed for the medium to enterprise-size business. 

The Insite platform offers:

  • Contingency based Telecom Invoice Auditing
  • Tax and Tariff Auditing
  • Expense Recovery for Overcharges
  • Inventory Management of Telecom Assets
  • Contract Management
  • Invoice Processing & Optimization
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Monthly Billing & Spend Analysis, and Reporting
  • Telecom Cost Reduction and Control

These solutions and more are delivered and managed via a secure, easy-to-use hosted software application, which can be readily accessed on demand by authorized members of your company.  Access to the Insite portal is privilege-based and defined by rules that are established by your company.


At MicroCorp, we recognize that telecom environment management must go far beyond stand alone software-based telecom expense audits. Our process is a combination of software productivity and Inventory tools, leveraged with high level manual analytics. This approach provides an unsurpassed view of your service inventory from the inside out. The end result is constant analysis of every line item detail for possible savings and expense recoveries. This methodology has proven successful over the years to achieve 15-20% higher savings when compared with other Telecom Expense Management Systems.   


Our audit and recovery engagements are all based on contingency. Your company is only invoiced a small percentage of the total amount saved. If there are no savings, you incur no cost. It is that simple. 

Once the initial Audit and Recovery are completed, you have the option to have your validated inventory uploaded into the Insite hosted software platform. This is where you or we can manage your inventory on a go forward basis and remove the chaos that is associated with the monthly management of telecom services and expense management. 

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