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Team Alliance Program (TAP)

team alliance programIn today’s world, customers look for complete solutions and are turning to a single vendor to provide these. This can be a real challenge to Telecommunication Agents, VARs and MSPs as they often provide part of the solution but not the complete solution.

Increasingly we see the need to team partners together on opportunities to meet the needs of customers. The Team Alliance Program brings structure to these teaming arrangements so our partners can team in confidence knowing they are protected and will always have their commissions paid.

What is the Team Alliance Program?

team alliance program triangleThe program is open to all MicroCorp partners and it brings together Agents, VARs, MSPs or any company that has expertise in a specific area to meet the specific needs of a customer.

The program provides engagement contracts that support industry standards for business engagements so companies can partner in confidence.

MicroCorp administers all commission payments so whatever happens between the engaging companies everyone can feel confident that they will always get paid for the full term of any contracts or renewals.

MicroCorp provides complete pre-sales and post- sales support for those solutions provided from our extensive portfolio of service providers.

MicroCorp is building a network of expert partners in its TAP directory that over time will increasingly provide easy access to specialized resources to complete your solutions.

Program Benefits To You

As the Cloud proliferates, solutions demanded by customers increasingly require a combination of IT and Telecommunications skills and knowledge. Most of our partners have one or the other but a partner that provides both in a single solution has a distinct competitive advantage.

  • Providing a complete solution creates a competitive advantage for you.
  • Offering a complete solution protects your customer relationships.
  • Having access to additional products and services lets you leverage your trusted advisor status with your customers to both protect your accounts as well as create new revenue streams.
  • You can partner in confidence knowing that you are commercially protected with your customer base.
  • You will always get paid the commissions you have earned.
  • Your company doesn’t have to build support capabilities to support these solutions
  • Teaming partnerships will provide additional opportunities to sell your own company products and services.

Case Study

iconMicroCorp’s Team Alliance Program Connects Partners for Bigger Sales and Happier Customers


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Learn more about the TAP program. This interactive PDF includes FAQs.
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